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01:46pm 23/05/2011
 I was offered pre-work sex. I was busy and blew it off. Now he's at work and I want some!! Goddammit. 
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07:26pm 23/05/2011 (UTC)
Boo! That's typical.
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04:23pm 24/05/2011 (UTC)
RJ: Art from the heart
OooooooO I hate that

But hey - at least it hasn't been nearly 3 months for ya!!!!
picword: Art from the heart
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04:27pm 24/05/2011 (UTC)
RJ: Rainbow Barf
Do ya.... uhm, wanna see what I posted on a friend's entry about this??? Uhm, it's a lot....

Here - I will post it now...

Blood meat dress.

Big fucking nose.

Scary lookin' bitch.

"buttfuck her face"
(If you listen to the Poker face song when she goes "pu-pu-pu-poker face" it really doesn't sound like.... weeeeeelllllll It sounds like buttfuck her face....

Sorry - too much? Should I deleted this?
picword: Rainbow Barf
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08:31pm 24/05/2011 (UTC)
lol that is too damn funny. I will have to tell Nick. He is the king of making music totally perverted with his own lyrics.

A10 wanted to watch her HBO concert. So we did and I have to admit its was kinda awesome and really made me like her a bit more. Plus I love dance music, trance techno euro, whatever.
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