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01:04am 29/06/2011
I have this book for my daughter. My mom gave it to me as a gift when she was born. Its a journal for a mother to write in for her daughter. So I lost it for a LONG time. It has 5 entries in it. I never intended to write in it constantly but I am going to make it a habit. About once a month I think. I am not good at that sort of thing. I was thinking of making her song lists and cutting out pctures that made me think of her too. I don't know when I want to give it to her. I have thought maybe high school or college graduation. Maybe as a gift when she has her first child or gets married. Or leaving it behind when I pass away. I want it to be extordinary. I want it to be filled with all the love I have for her and so much more. Not like pictures of her,because there will be enough of that. I want this to be just between the two of us. I have been watching The Voice. Anyone else? I have fallen in love with Dia. She is so amazing. I really hope she wins. I already can't get her song from tonite out of my head.
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06:33am 29/06/2011 (UTC)
Then Comes Love
Please, please make every memory for her that you can. I don't have pictures of me growing up or scrapbooks or videos...I have no idea what I was really like as a child. It torments me on a frequent basis. Posts in AMA that ask for things like that, wanting to show my partner where and how I grew up...I don't have any of it.
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