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And that's what being a mom is all about!  
10:29pm 15/07/2011
N8: I am going to be by myself tonight. So don't bother me.

Me: That's ok. Tomorrow I am gonna smother you with love.
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bye bye  
10:59am 05/07/2011
I have not been posting because I have no idea what's going on wth LJ. But I have a lot of problems navigating the site now. I cannot select messages in my box or use the menus 99% of the time. I check back in to see if things are working and won't make me rip my hair out. Until its not sucky, I probably will be MIA.
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01:04am 29/06/2011
I have this book for my daughter. My mom gave it to me as a gift when she was born. Its a journal for a mother to write in for her daughter. So I lost it for a LONG time. It has 5 entries in it. I never intended to write in it constantly but I am going to make it a habit. About once a month I think. I am not good at that sort of thing. I was thinking of making her song lists and cutting out pctures that made me think of her too. I don't know when I want to give it to her. I have thought maybe high school or college graduation. Maybe as a gift when she has her first child or gets married. Or leaving it behind when I pass away. I want it to be extordinary. I want it to be filled with all the love I have for her and so much more. Not like pictures of her,because there will be enough of that. I want this to be just between the two of us. I have been watching The Voice. Anyone else? I have fallen in love with Dia. She is so amazing. I really hope she wins. I already can't get her song from tonite out of my head. diaCollapse )
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(no subject)  
09:55am 18/06/2011
I got a tattoo last night!! Here it is.

tatCollapse )

Its a butterfly and the body is an awareness ribbon that is black to represent sleep disorders. It was still only a couple hours old there. But I am very happy with the artist. I was looking for a new one since there's rumors that my old one is in prison. Gotta love those bad boy tattoo guys lol
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(no subject)  
12:02am 14/06/2011
 I am tired. i am bored. I just saw a really lovey dovey movie and its makin me think about jumping Nicks bones like RIGHT NOW. But he's working. And aint that how it ALWAYS is. By the time he gets here I will be unhorny. Ugh.

I am having a problem with  kid at the playground pushin my son around. He even gave him a fat lip last week. So I was trying to find out where he lives and I hear all kinds of stuff about him. His mom looks crazy and kind of maybe drunk. His bro lives with the dad cuz he was kicked out. The bully himself said he's already been to juvy. The kid is going into 3rd grade. Now who knows how much is true. And who knows if the juvy thing is just bullshit to scare other kids. But I think I am gonna go with, if the kid touches my son again, I am going to call the cops. Harsh, but I don't think getting to his mom is going to change anything. First I am gonna go chill at the playground and wait to see if the kid shows up and try to scare the shit out him myself. Wish me luck. Cuz if this kid goes off on me or tries to touch me I will be in an orange jumpsuit. 

And more childish bullshit. I hear that kids are talking about my daughter on Facebook. First of all I want to know what parent lets their 10 yr old have a FB profile and then has no idea what they are saying on it. Cuz even if I allowed having the profile, if my daughter said anything mean about someone at her school I would whoop her ass and close the account. Supposedly some kid called her a garden hoe. Yeah sounds dumb but thats 5th grade. I can only imagine what 6th grade will be. Luckily she handles that shit really well now. Whenever someone is trying to be mean she just smiles and says Thank You. 

I am cross stitching. It keeps me busy when I babysit. Its gonna be awesome if its on the damn material straight. Its actually a piece my mom started. She did one little flower and gave up, so it ended up with me. I think she counted the shit wrong!! Its gonna be all off center and then I will have to have it professionally matted if it even fits on the fabric right. so just AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH about that. 

I joined a new narcolepsy group with some really awesome women that i love chatting with. Makes me feel at home. I have learned some new things from my experience. I have N because of my lack of hypocretins which regulate sleep and wake times in your brain. Memory problems are typical of N patients. ROFC means rolling on the floor cataplexing lol Lots of idiots with sleep disorders drive. So thats reassuring when I am on the road with my family NOT! And last... the Sleep Disorders Awareness ribbon is black. 

Which leads to my next thing. I think I am gonna get a tattoo Friday of a butterfly whose body is made of a black ribbon to symbolize my disorder. Just a tiny ink, I want it behind my ear. It will hold off the tattoo monkey on my back for awhile at least til I can get ahold of the artist i want to fix up one of my old tats. And then I am gonna get the Rock Band mic tattoo along with Nick, who will ge the bass, and Scott who will get the guitar. Cuz we are Wah-CHAAA! on Sunday Nights and we rock the house. Its been a tradition for years now and we have so much fun we wanted to make our bonding experience permanent. I always say I might as well be married to both of them, and this is the next best thing lol 

I have more shit to spew out of my chest, but I will bore you no more tonight. 
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(no subject)  
01:46pm 23/05/2011
 I was offered pre-work sex. I was busy and blew it off. Now he's at work and I want some!! Goddammit. 
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Writer's Block: Mother Monster returns  
10:50am 23/05/2011
In three words, how would you describe Lady Gaga?

mother fucking weird. 


Genius, Individual, Inspiring
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Things are getting better and better  
07:37am 17/05/2011
 Nick is really trying. When he is being a dick, I remind him. He has been apologizing when he has a psycho outburst about something. Usually its directed at a video game but still, it bothers me. 

We had a meeting at N8's school. He is on the verge of being kicked out and sent back to his home school in the district. They are really trying to work with him. They are going to try giving him a squishee ball to keep his hands busy when the teacher is lecturing. And sending him on errands to keep him moving during the day. Sending him to the other class when he is being disruptive and slacking on his work. For some reason this really works. And he may be helping out the 1st graders and reading to them when he is having an awesome day. I am going to either go with the add thing and see a pediatrician we have in town that specializes, or send him to a therapist for a more in depth opinion. I am getting some around the town first and will be scheduling something soon.

The Gears beta is over and it was so awesome. I kept a 1.0 k/d despite over playing it and getting tired a lot lol I got all the retail unlocks too. And finished with 10 Epic Medals. I am damn proud of myself. 
The school year is almost over!! And A10 has a surprise coming!! For her 5th grade farewell we are surprising her with tickets to Jamboree. Seats, not lawn =P We will be seeing 30 Seconds to Mars, Papa Roach, Seether, Sum 41, lead singer of Live, Greek Fire, AWOLNation, and Aetalita's Way (sp!). Plus a few bands on teh side stage. I know we will try to see the Crash Kings over there.  Its June 4th. We are just gonna go about our business as planned. And then drop off N8 and head to the show. Without saying a word =D
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Writer's Block: Portal 17  
12:48pm 03/05/2011
Do you think video games will still be popular in 15 years? How do you think they'll change?


Of course! They have been popular since I was a child. 25 years of success will not be done so quickly. I think the Kinect is the future of gaming. Its a great thing tho. Getting off our asses and playing. But there will always be the old school variety that prefers controls just like there's the old school peeps now who horde arcade machines. 

But mostly I was disturbed that this post is called Portal 17. Shocked, no. But definitely disturbed. 
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(no subject)  
12:56pm 16/04/2011
 I will be MIA some more. I got a VIP code for Gears 3 beta and have early access this weekend. Been playing since yesterday. will tell you all about it later =)
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