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Things are getting better and better  
07:37am 17/05/2011
 Nick is really trying. When he is being a dick, I remind him. He has been apologizing when he has a psycho outburst about something. Usually its directed at a video game but still, it bothers me. 

We had a meeting at N8's school. He is on the verge of being kicked out and sent back to his home school in the district. They are really trying to work with him. They are going to try giving him a squishee ball to keep his hands busy when the teacher is lecturing. And sending him on errands to keep him moving during the day. Sending him to the other class when he is being disruptive and slacking on his work. For some reason this really works. And he may be helping out the 1st graders and reading to them when he is having an awesome day. I am going to either go with the add thing and see a pediatrician we have in town that specializes, or send him to a therapist for a more in depth opinion. I am getting some around the town first and will be scheduling something soon.

The Gears beta is over and it was so awesome. I kept a 1.0 k/d despite over playing it and getting tired a lot lol I got all the retail unlocks too. And finished with 10 Epic Medals. I am damn proud of myself. 
The school year is almost over!! And A10 has a surprise coming!! For her 5th grade farewell we are surprising her with tickets to Jamboree. Seats, not lawn =P We will be seeing 30 Seconds to Mars, Papa Roach, Seether, Sum 41, lead singer of Live, Greek Fire, AWOLNation, and Aetalita's Way (sp!). Plus a few bands on teh side stage. I know we will try to see the Crash Kings over there.  Its June 4th. We are just gonna go about our business as planned. And then drop off N8 and head to the show. Without saying a word =D
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